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About Us

My Name is Uzair and I am Currently 35 Years old.I am very passionate about blogging.I like to write quality content and post on my blog everyday.I have a total of 20 Blogs and all are covering different niche and topics.
Social Media:

I am using Facebook and Twitter, i check out my messages everyday.I would love to receive your views about my blog.

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My Interests and Hobbies:

Swimming is my hobby and developing a blog with large traffic is my concern now a days.Providing the readers with quality content and making them visit my site again and again.I hope that one day i would be having a huge company of my own based on Information Technology, making software for our clients and being listed on a Magazine my name with my companies.

Why I Started Blogging?

I was getting bored one day so i thought i would make a blog, after that day i am so much passionate about it and almost everyday i give about 3 Hours working on my blogs, updating them,trying to make backlinks to rank higher in search engines and i am seeing some improvement.


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