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How To make money with CashCrate?

What is CashCrate?

Cash Crate is an online website where users after signing up can earn money by completing offers, surveys and cash tasks.It is a very easy way to earn lots of money, there are some offers which pay you like $50, so even if you complete one offer in a day you will be able to make lots of money.

Cash crate is a place where home makers or the un-employed people can make lots of money, the offers are simple and easy to do, takes a maximum of 20 minutes to do an offer and can give you decent amount of money.

There are thousands of companies which before launching their product want their product to be rated and to be used by people and then get their views of the products so they take advantage of sites like cashcrate and then when we complete a particular survey we are given a percentage of the money that is given to cashcrate owner to display the survey.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

How to get started With Cash Crate?

Getting started with cash crate is simple, it is like filling out any other registration form.

  • Go to and then Click on Join Now.
  • Complete the form, fill out each and every detail and give them an accurate address- they will be sending checks directly to your home address.
  • Now confirm your account by verifying the link that came in your email id.
  • Now Log-in to your account and fill out the form which asks for payment method and do the profile survey which will help you to get $0.25.

There are many ways you can make money with CashCrate, they even pay you for filling out your profile and also bonus $1 for your sign-up.

It depends upon your country of residence whether you will have the offers available in your country or not.

Most people leave cash crate because once they make their account, they log-in everyday with the intention of making some money but they are disappointed as they see no offers and no surveys available, this leads them to terminate their account.

For mostly Asian countries, no surveys and offers are available.

Cash-Crate Requirements:

There are no such tough requirements, the member needs to be age of above 13.

The Trick To Have Available Surveys:

This is a very genuine trick and will help you make more money as you will have more available surveys, more offers and hence more opportunity to make money.
  • Sign-Up at Cashcrate by clicking on the CashCrate banner above.
  • While filling out the registration form, when it asks for your country of residence Select USA, this way you will have never ending surveys and access to many surveys.
There are many online Paid surveys site, i have tried many of them but have found most of them to be scams but this site is 100% legit and completing the offers pay you the top dollars.I have used this trick myself and the results are amazing, everyday when i Sign-in i see that there are more than 100 offers and about 10 surveys each day.
When you are using this trick you must Sign-in using Hot-spot shield because only then you will be able to complete and submit surveys and then get the money for completing them.

CashCrate Payment Methods:

Once you have $20 in your account, you have the option to get paid by check, which will be delivered to your home and the other method is Dwolla, it is an online site for safer transactions and shopping like PayPal but far less compatible with shopping giant sites.

The PayPal payment method will only be available to you once you have cashed out at least $500.

How To Get Credited With money for the offer you have completed:

Once you have completed an offer, make sure that you have submitted it, then it can take anywhere from 1-5 days for your money to be credited in your account, this is a security feature they have.Each and every done offer is first approved by it's advertiser whether it was genuinely completed or was an automated spy.

Advantages of Having Referrals:

Once you have referred a member to Cash Crate, they will pay you about 20% of what he makes and 10% of what your referral's referral makes.
And you will also get a $3 bonus when your referral makes his first $10 on Cash Crate.

Are The surveys Tough or Easy:

Most of the surveys are as easy as 123, they only ask you about your address, the devices you own,your language,your culture and questions relating to your health, this way they track which survey will be suitable for you and then you are good to go, complete the easy survey and enjoy the free money.

They not only pay you for completing surveys and offers but there are also cash offers which help make more money but for that you have to spend some money as well, if a cash offer is giving $15 for the offer to be completed then it would be required that you shop for $10 and you have a profit of $5 in a single surveys, well this is a good way of earning money quickly, you get the products and you get them for 100% free and you also have profit for doing so.

If you are going to shop online for something it is better you do these cash tasks this will help you get that thing for free.

How can You Earn the most Money with Cash-Crate?

Earning more requires you the complete all types of offers and surveys available and you will also need to complete cash tasks, they make you the most money.Sign-in to your account on daily basis and complete each and every available survey's and offers.There are some offers which can pay you more than $30.

How to Prove Cash-Crate isn't a Scam?

This website has a world-wide reputation, the website has more than 2 million registered members and has paid over 3 million dollars, the website is working from the past 6 years.Scam's cant even last a year because as they are found to be scam and fraud they are instantly deleted.

Why I like CashCrate?

Cash Crate is one of those website which are sincere with their members and this website is legit.In this business of Paid surveys there are thousands of site which are fraud and will not give you the money once you have reached out their minimum payment or whenever you will log-in the money you have earned would be like $0 or reduced than it was before.

How To Make Money with Infolinks Ads?

Infolinks is a brand new way for publishers to monetize their websites without the need to have free space.

Infolinks is an ad's company online which is providing solutions both to publishers and to advertisers as well.

Infolinks is a Cost per Mile ad network which means you will make money for every 1000 impressions your website will serve to the advertisers, and your daily income would be different depending on the amount the advertiser is willing to pay for 1000 impressions.The maximum cost per impression i had in my six month time of using infolinks is $1.97.

Why Cost per Mile Ad's are Better than Cost Per Click?

For the people who want to earn money with their blogs but have less traffic on their blog, as my suggestion it is the best ad network for them because their website approving system is quick and is not as hard as Google Adsense to get in.
If you have about 1000 visitors a day and you have Cost per click ads on your website it is rare that you will get 4 clicks and this will make you about 50 cents, while if you have Cost Per Mile ads than you could be earning money in cents for each and every impression served by your website.

What is the Best thing About Infolinks?

the best thing about this ad network is that it is very easy to get your site approved and the second thing is this that they have a variety of payment methods for their publishers.

Payment Methods:

  • By Check
  • By Western Union- once you Reach $100
  • By Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer 
These variety of payment methods make's it convenient for the publishers to receive payments.

How much can you earn with Infolinks?

Your daily earnings will differ depending on the impressions you made daily and the cost per thousand impressions.The more impressions and clicks your site will generate the more you will earn.If you have around 5000 visitors a day, then you would approximately serve 3000 impressions, on average this will make you earn $2-3 a day.
This much earnings are not bad for a small site.

How to get started with Infolinks?

It is very easy to set your infolinks account and then start earning within a week as it takes about a week for your site to get approved but there are more than 50% changes that it will get approved, they have policies similar to Google Adsense, so if you get approved with either one of the networks it's becomes easier to get approved.

This is how the ads will appear on your site.

  • Go to and Sign-up for a Publisher account or use your Facebook Account.
  • Once you have confirmed your account, now log-in to your account and add your site, first they will approve it and then ad serving would be started, it takes a maximum of one week to get your application processed.
  • Once approved, now get the ad code generated and then copy and paste it in your site's body.If you are using blogger platform then go to and select the blog where you want the ad to appear and then go to Layout and then go and add code using the Html/Java-script option and you will start to see words in your post highlighted and then if any body views it,you make money.

Enjoy, now start focusing on getting lots of visitors daily to your blog or website, this will help you to earn more money.
More visitors= More impressions= More $

Enjoy this legit network, best ad network for those rejected by Google Adsense.

How To Double Your Website's Traffic?

Now a days everybody has a website or a blog and they want to get lots of visitors daily, so how you can actually get thousands of visitors daily to see your blog?

There are thousands of ways to bring traffic to your blog, but the ones that will bring you the most are only few, we are not talking about taking part in traffic exchanges because you only get visitor for sometime and you have to visit other blogs in order to get traffic towards yours, getting traffic that way is easy but everybody is forced to view other's blog they will never become your blog's daily readers.

Starting a blog is the easiest but bringing the traffic and updating it daily and providing the most up to date information is what is tough to do, you have thousands of competitors online how are also doing each and everything to bring the most of the people to their blog or website.Everybody is making Back-links and they are also doing search engine optimization, so still how can you be the one to get the most of the traffic?

The key to getting the most of the traffic is to have quality and long written Articles for your website.If you have an article with 500+ words on a particular topic and you have a competitor who's article is 1200+ words and has the quality to interest readers in it, whom do you think will get the most traffic obviously your competitor, provide your readers with the best and most up to date information and try to add some thing to your blog or website that nobody on the whole internet has.

So lets get to the main point of the topic, how can you get lots of free visitors to your website that have come upon searching for something you have on your blog.


Link referral is like an online directory which contains data about sites and blogs.It helps blog owners to get free traffic daily.It is helping me to get over 50 daily unique visitors.This is not like they will remain 50, once you have attained rank in directory your website or blog will be showed on the first page of your specific category and then you can get more than 1000 hits in a single day.

What you have to do to Rank Higher in This directory?

  • Visit 30 websites everyday.
  • Review 5 of them, by telling how was the content, and how fast did page loaded.Give your suggestions.
  • Mark any site as your favorite.
  • Participate in forums- give your suggestion
Once you do these everyday the number of your daily unique visitors will start to increase.I get lots of people daily.


Social media is not only a place to interact and communicate with different people but it is also a place from where you can get thousands of visitors to your site daily and with ease.
Every site now a days has a Facebook Page, what for? to show their presence to the social world and get benefits for free.

  • Make a beautiful Facebook Page.
  • Update it everyday, add pictures, videos to your page.
  • Share your page with your friends, and share it in discussion groups.
  • This way you will get likes for your page as well and also huge sum of visitors to your website.
Don't only use Facebook and Twitter.there are thousands of social media sites which can help you in getting visitors, go for
Pinterest is the best way to receive thousands of hits daily, simply upload some photos from your website and if you have large number of followers you will get large number of visitors.


There are many sites online which get 90% of their website traffic from Youtube. You have to do little work  in order to get hits to your site.
One year ago i created a blog about gaming, and without uploading any videos to Youtube, i started receiving traffic from there.There was a person who had made a video about my blog and i was receiving traffic from there.

  • Sign-in to Youtube using your Google Account.
  • Upload Many videos daily- to get more visits upload funny videos and gaming reviews and much more topics.
  • Get people to subscribe to your videos, this way your daily video and website views will increase.
  • In each video uploaded, in the description give a link to your website.
If you have a website about downloading software and games, simply upload video on youtube about how to download free software and this way you will get visitors to your blog.

Foodie BlogRoll (Only to be used for websites based on niche of cooking, like recipes)

Foodie Blogroll is like an online directory consisting only of the sites related to cooking, and making recipes.If you have a website related to cooking and you want to get visitors to it for free, this is the best choice you can have.

  • Sign-up at
  • Provide your cooking related website description, title and the web-address, they will first review your site and then list it in the directory
  • If your site get approved, instantly you will start to see an increase in your site's daily traffic.
  • The more detailed and good your site is, it will start to be displayed in the featured sites and then you will be getting 1000's of unique visitors daily and they are targeted.
  • Keep updating your website on daily basis, this will be a future success factor.

Dmoz is an online directory consisting of sites of all type of categories, getting your website listed there is something tough, but if you do it then eventually it will make your website rank higher in search results on Google and many other popular search engines.

  • Go to and choose in what category your site goes in.
  • Once you have find where your site seems to be suitable, click on suggest a site and then fill out the form.
  • they will ask you about your site title, description, your email id and then enter the security code and then click on submit.
  • They will review your site and it can take anywhere from one week to couple of months to get your site listed- it's not sure they will list your site in directory, for a reason your site could get rejected as well.
Search engines gives a huge ounce of respect to the url's in this directory because of it's Page Rank and their site checking system.

Blog Commenting

This is one of the easiest way to get targeted visitors to your website.What you have to do is simple.
The only problem in this is that the blogs or sites with lots of traffic have enabled comment moderation, which means first they will take a look at comments and then see if its genuine comment or just a spam website link.

  • Find website's with niche related to your website.
  • Find a popular post and comment in with the link of your blog.
  • Use the html reference tag to redirect people from our competitor's site to yours.
  • This will help increase your Backlinks and traffic.
This way is affecting and try to comment on those articles with 5-10 already posted comments, this way you will get way more traffic.

Whenever you search for a particular stuff the first result is mostly from Wikipedia. it is because of their site's Page Rank and the High quality content that appears on their site.

  • Write a Wikipedia Article, make sure it is detailed and is genuine.
  • Don't copy from other sites.
  • Write a 1000+ words Article.
  • Once you have written a long and well formatted article, now give a reference of your website under the references section.
  • This will bring you some quality traffic, the more your wikipedia article gets visits the more your site gets.
  • Make lots of articles on rich topics and popular one's hence get large visitors to your website in return.
This will give you two benefits, this will help you get thousands of free visitors to your blog or website and this will give you a High PR Back-link, will help you get ranked higher in search engines.Now you will get more unique visitors daily.

This is a very popular article submission website, which helps the authors to get automated and targeted traffic to their website within days.They have high quality articles and they have some writing standards which if your article proves on, then only your article will get published.
  • Sign-up at EzineArticles.
  • Confirm your account by clicking on verification link sent to your email address.
  • Now Start to write high quality and 500+ words article.
  • They will first review your article- takes about a week to get approved.
  • Your Article gets published and then you start to receive traffic.
  • Make sure that you have told about your website in each article in the reference section.
  • Also in the end of your article, give a small description of your website and provide a link to it.
It is hard to get your article approved, if you copy text from somewhere in the article, make sure to give that site web-address in the reference section.

It is a great way of bringing thousand of hits to your website.

  • Go to, and log-in using your Yahoo Account.
  • Once in, ask questions and give answers to the questions you know about.
  • Each question answered, will give you higher ranking in Yahoo answers.
  • in every answer of a question give a link back to your website.
  • Ask question only relating to your site, so you have a genuine reason to give the link of your website.
describe each question and answer briefly, so it looks genuine and that you know what you are talking about or asked about.

HubPages is a website which offers it's users to make money through article writing.You have to write article and if it gets featured, it gets published and then you get some views of your article.Try to write long articles, give reference to the site's you take info from.

  • Create a Hubpages account.
  • Verify your account and after verifying fill in your account profile with genuine details.
  • Write long articles and make them look readable and beautiful, in reference give a link to your website.
There you go, have traffic- lots of it.

I Hope you have liked my Article,and if you do then share it and comment about your appreciation.

How to get free PR9 Dofollow Backlinks?

Backlinks are very important for a site because those are the strong backlinks that help you get on Google's first page.There are many sites online that want to give these backlinks to you but they will ask money for it, and nobody wan't to pay,so here's a helpful guide which any blogger or a site owner can follow to get some High quality links from strong sites which will help boost traffic and will help your site to get ranked higher in Google searches.

About an year ago when i started blogging i didn't knew anything about backlinks but soon i discovered that the secret to make your site rank higher in Google search results is to have backlinks- the more sites pointing towards your site.Once your site is famous it automatically gets links from other sites but for the beginners they have to make backlinks themselves, so they will get traffic.

There are two things that matter a lot in determining your site's page rank:

1) High Quality Content
2) Dofollow Backlinks- pointing to your site, search engine gives your site more value over other sites.

The quantity of backlinks doesn't matter and only get the links from your site's relevant content.
For example if you have a site on cooking don't get inbound links from business marketing sites,this isn't going to help- its going to make Google think you are some shitty spammer playing with high ranked sites.

so let's get going to tell you how you can get some PR9 backlinks pointing to your site.

Yahoo Answers

Everybody on the web knows about this site.This site is sponsored by Yahoo!, so how can you get a backlink from this site.
This site provides you with the option to ask and answer questions, they will rank you according to your answers and your questions asked.

  • Signup for a Yahoo account or Sign-in if you already have one.
  • Now Log-in and go to and three fill out the information asked.
  • Click on edit profile and now scroll down to where there is a space asking about your interests.
  • Write there your actual interests and give a link to your website.
Example How it should appear:

Hurray You have got yourself a PR9 Backlink, this will help you get ranked better.


Blogger is a free service provided by Google inc, you can make your own blog for free and start to get visitors to it, far better than any other free platforms.

  • Sign-in With your Google Account
  • Once inside, click on your blogger profile.
  • Enter your blog or websites web address in the field provided asking about which blogs you follow and your blogs.
  • In both of them write your site's web address.
You have got the backlink.


Youtube is a platform where you can search for videos and watch them, almost everything you wanna know is available there, using your Google account you can sign in, subscribe to the videos you like and you can find tutorials to anything you want to know.Getting a backlink from Youtube is the easiest and will help you rank higher in search engines as well as bring to your site thousands of visitors daily.

  • Upload a Video to Youtube
  • In the Description, give the link of your blog or website
  • Video gets views, your site gets views.
You have got your site a powerful backlink. you will only receive more visitors if your uploaded video is original.


The site shows you the products owned by Adobe, which can be downloaded on trial versions and can be purchased from their official site.there are also Adobe forums where you can get the answer to any question relating their product or any change want to make in your website.

  • Signup at their official website.
  • Complete the profile, provide them with the genuine details,give time to each and every question asked.
  • Go to, select the category where you want to post your question.
  • Give your question and then in below space give a short description of any problem you are facing with your site and ask for consultancy. 
  • And then give a link to your website.
  • Now submit your question and your thread will appear before you.
example: ask them you want to create a logo for your new site and give the link of your site below.
You have got yet another powerful backlink.
Example Url:


Flickr is a site owned by Yahoo where you can upload photos that you have copyright of and then share it with the world, you can get lots of views of your picture in one day.
  • Sign-in using your Yahoo email id and password.
  • Once Logged in, now upload photos as many as you want.
  • In the picture description, give a link to your blog or website.
You have got a backlink from Flickr, your photo gets views and it is obvious your site will get viewed.

All the websites above have a Page Rank of 9 and by following the bullet points you can make backlinks easily.

How To Make Delicious Scotch Eggs?


  • Eggs- 5

  • Potatoes- 3-4

  • Salt- To Taste

  • Black Pepper- Half Tea-Spoon

  • Green Coriander- 5-6 Leaves

  • Green Chilies- 2-3

  • Lemon Juice- 2 Table-Spoon

  • Crushed Coconut- 2 Table Spoon

  • Chat Powder- 1 Tea-Spoon (Optional)

  • White Sesame- As needed

  • Cooking Oil- For Frying


  • Boil the potatoes and mash them, boil 4 eggs and peel of them and cut them in half.
  • Take some yogurt and add green coriander, green chilies and crushed coconut and then mix well, now add lemon juice and stir a bit so it will mix properly.
  • Add salt, Black pepper, chat power to the mashed potatoes. On the piece of egg apply some of the mixture of the yogurt you have made before and coat it with the boiled potatoes mixture. For 10-15 Minutes put it in refrigerator.
  • Take  two eggs, break them in a bowl and add salt and black pepper to it.
  • In a frying pan put cooking oil and let it become hot.
  • Now take the mixture out from the refrigerator and coat it in egg and then deep fry it till it changes color to golden brownish.
  • Your Delicious Scotch eggs are ready.

What's so special about these scotch eggs?

These delicious scotch eggs are made occasionally on the day of Easter and are enjoyed with a cup of tea.
When you take a bite of a scotch eggs, the boiled egg breaks in half and your mouth is filled with the delicious and hot yellow liquid from the egg.These scotch eggs can be served with tea and as well any type of sweet.