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How to get free PR9 Dofollow Backlinks?

Backlinks are very important for a site because those are the strong backlinks that help you get on Google's first page.There are many sites online that want to give these backlinks to you but they will ask money for it, and nobody wan't to pay,so here's a helpful guide which any blogger or a site owner can follow to get some High quality links from strong sites which will help boost traffic and will help your site to get ranked higher in Google searches.

About an year ago when i started blogging i didn't knew anything about backlinks but soon i discovered that the secret to make your site rank higher in Google search results is to have backlinks- the more sites pointing towards your site.Once your site is famous it automatically gets links from other sites but for the beginners they have to make backlinks themselves, so they will get traffic.

There are two things that matter a lot in determining your site's page rank:

1) High Quality Content
2) Dofollow Backlinks- pointing to your site, search engine gives your site more value over other sites.

The quantity of backlinks doesn't matter and only get the links from your site's relevant content.
For example if you have a site on cooking don't get inbound links from business marketing sites,this isn't going to help- its going to make Google think you are some shitty spammer playing with high ranked sites.

so let's get going to tell you how you can get some PR9 backlinks pointing to your site.

Yahoo Answers

Everybody on the web knows about this site.This site is sponsored by Yahoo!, so how can you get a backlink from this site.
This site provides you with the option to ask and answer questions, they will rank you according to your answers and your questions asked.

  • Signup for a Yahoo account or Sign-in if you already have one.
  • Now Log-in and go to and three fill out the information asked.
  • Click on edit profile and now scroll down to where there is a space asking about your interests.
  • Write there your actual interests and give a link to your website.
Example How it should appear:

Hurray You have got yourself a PR9 Backlink, this will help you get ranked better.


Blogger is a free service provided by Google inc, you can make your own blog for free and start to get visitors to it, far better than any other free platforms.

  • Sign-in With your Google Account
  • Once inside, click on your blogger profile.
  • Enter your blog or websites web address in the field provided asking about which blogs you follow and your blogs.
  • In both of them write your site's web address.
You have got the backlink.


Youtube is a platform where you can search for videos and watch them, almost everything you wanna know is available there, using your Google account you can sign in, subscribe to the videos you like and you can find tutorials to anything you want to know.Getting a backlink from Youtube is the easiest and will help you rank higher in search engines as well as bring to your site thousands of visitors daily.

  • Upload a Video to Youtube
  • In the Description, give the link of your blog or website
  • Video gets views, your site gets views.
You have got your site a powerful backlink. you will only receive more visitors if your uploaded video is original.


The site shows you the products owned by Adobe, which can be downloaded on trial versions and can be purchased from their official site.there are also Adobe forums where you can get the answer to any question relating their product or any change want to make in your website.

  • Signup at their official website.
  • Complete the profile, provide them with the genuine details,give time to each and every question asked.
  • Go to, select the category where you want to post your question.
  • Give your question and then in below space give a short description of any problem you are facing with your site and ask for consultancy. 
  • And then give a link to your website.
  • Now submit your question and your thread will appear before you.
example: ask them you want to create a logo for your new site and give the link of your site below.
You have got yet another powerful backlink.
Example Url:


Flickr is a site owned by Yahoo where you can upload photos that you have copyright of and then share it with the world, you can get lots of views of your picture in one day.
  • Sign-in using your Yahoo email id and password.
  • Once Logged in, now upload photos as many as you want.
  • In the picture description, give a link to your blog or website.
You have got a backlink from Flickr, your photo gets views and it is obvious your site will get viewed.

All the websites above have a Page Rank of 9 and by following the bullet points you can make backlinks easily.


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