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How To Double Your Website's Traffic?

Now a days everybody has a website or a blog and they want to get lots of visitors daily, so how you can actually get thousands of visitors daily to see your blog?

There are thousands of ways to bring traffic to your blog, but the ones that will bring you the most are only few, we are not talking about taking part in traffic exchanges because you only get visitor for sometime and you have to visit other blogs in order to get traffic towards yours, getting traffic that way is easy but everybody is forced to view other's blog they will never become your blog's daily readers.

Starting a blog is the easiest but bringing the traffic and updating it daily and providing the most up to date information is what is tough to do, you have thousands of competitors online how are also doing each and everything to bring the most of the people to their blog or website.Everybody is making Back-links and they are also doing search engine optimization, so still how can you be the one to get the most of the traffic?

The key to getting the most of the traffic is to have quality and long written Articles for your website.If you have an article with 500+ words on a particular topic and you have a competitor who's article is 1200+ words and has the quality to interest readers in it, whom do you think will get the most traffic obviously your competitor, provide your readers with the best and most up to date information and try to add some thing to your blog or website that nobody on the whole internet has.

So lets get to the main point of the topic, how can you get lots of free visitors to your website that have come upon searching for something you have on your blog.


Link referral is like an online directory which contains data about sites and blogs.It helps blog owners to get free traffic daily.It is helping me to get over 50 daily unique visitors.This is not like they will remain 50, once you have attained rank in directory your website or blog will be showed on the first page of your specific category and then you can get more than 1000 hits in a single day.

What you have to do to Rank Higher in This directory?

  • Visit 30 websites everyday.
  • Review 5 of them, by telling how was the content, and how fast did page loaded.Give your suggestions.
  • Mark any site as your favorite.
  • Participate in forums- give your suggestion
Once you do these everyday the number of your daily unique visitors will start to increase.I get lots of people daily.


Social media is not only a place to interact and communicate with different people but it is also a place from where you can get thousands of visitors to your site daily and with ease.
Every site now a days has a Facebook Page, what for? to show their presence to the social world and get benefits for free.

  • Make a beautiful Facebook Page.
  • Update it everyday, add pictures, videos to your page.
  • Share your page with your friends, and share it in discussion groups.
  • This way you will get likes for your page as well and also huge sum of visitors to your website.
Don't only use Facebook and Twitter.there are thousands of social media sites which can help you in getting visitors, go for
Pinterest is the best way to receive thousands of hits daily, simply upload some photos from your website and if you have large number of followers you will get large number of visitors.


There are many sites online which get 90% of their website traffic from Youtube. You have to do little work  in order to get hits to your site.
One year ago i created a blog about gaming, and without uploading any videos to Youtube, i started receiving traffic from there.There was a person who had made a video about my blog and i was receiving traffic from there.

  • Sign-in to Youtube using your Google Account.
  • Upload Many videos daily- to get more visits upload funny videos and gaming reviews and much more topics.
  • Get people to subscribe to your videos, this way your daily video and website views will increase.
  • In each video uploaded, in the description give a link to your website.
If you have a website about downloading software and games, simply upload video on youtube about how to download free software and this way you will get visitors to your blog.

Foodie BlogRoll (Only to be used for websites based on niche of cooking, like recipes)

Foodie Blogroll is like an online directory consisting only of the sites related to cooking, and making recipes.If you have a website related to cooking and you want to get visitors to it for free, this is the best choice you can have.

  • Sign-up at
  • Provide your cooking related website description, title and the web-address, they will first review your site and then list it in the directory
  • If your site get approved, instantly you will start to see an increase in your site's daily traffic.
  • The more detailed and good your site is, it will start to be displayed in the featured sites and then you will be getting 1000's of unique visitors daily and they are targeted.
  • Keep updating your website on daily basis, this will be a future success factor.

Dmoz is an online directory consisting of sites of all type of categories, getting your website listed there is something tough, but if you do it then eventually it will make your website rank higher in search results on Google and many other popular search engines.

  • Go to and choose in what category your site goes in.
  • Once you have find where your site seems to be suitable, click on suggest a site and then fill out the form.
  • they will ask you about your site title, description, your email id and then enter the security code and then click on submit.
  • They will review your site and it can take anywhere from one week to couple of months to get your site listed- it's not sure they will list your site in directory, for a reason your site could get rejected as well.
Search engines gives a huge ounce of respect to the url's in this directory because of it's Page Rank and their site checking system.

Blog Commenting

This is one of the easiest way to get targeted visitors to your website.What you have to do is simple.
The only problem in this is that the blogs or sites with lots of traffic have enabled comment moderation, which means first they will take a look at comments and then see if its genuine comment or just a spam website link.

  • Find website's with niche related to your website.
  • Find a popular post and comment in with the link of your blog.
  • Use the html reference tag to redirect people from our competitor's site to yours.
  • This will help increase your Backlinks and traffic.
This way is affecting and try to comment on those articles with 5-10 already posted comments, this way you will get way more traffic.

Whenever you search for a particular stuff the first result is mostly from Wikipedia. it is because of their site's Page Rank and the High quality content that appears on their site.

  • Write a Wikipedia Article, make sure it is detailed and is genuine.
  • Don't copy from other sites.
  • Write a 1000+ words Article.
  • Once you have written a long and well formatted article, now give a reference of your website under the references section.
  • This will bring you some quality traffic, the more your wikipedia article gets visits the more your site gets.
  • Make lots of articles on rich topics and popular one's hence get large visitors to your website in return.
This will give you two benefits, this will help you get thousands of free visitors to your blog or website and this will give you a High PR Back-link, will help you get ranked higher in search engines.Now you will get more unique visitors daily.

This is a very popular article submission website, which helps the authors to get automated and targeted traffic to their website within days.They have high quality articles and they have some writing standards which if your article proves on, then only your article will get published.
  • Sign-up at EzineArticles.
  • Confirm your account by clicking on verification link sent to your email address.
  • Now Start to write high quality and 500+ words article.
  • They will first review your article- takes about a week to get approved.
  • Your Article gets published and then you start to receive traffic.
  • Make sure that you have told about your website in each article in the reference section.
  • Also in the end of your article, give a small description of your website and provide a link to it.
It is hard to get your article approved, if you copy text from somewhere in the article, make sure to give that site web-address in the reference section.

It is a great way of bringing thousand of hits to your website.

  • Go to, and log-in using your Yahoo Account.
  • Once in, ask questions and give answers to the questions you know about.
  • Each question answered, will give you higher ranking in Yahoo answers.
  • in every answer of a question give a link back to your website.
  • Ask question only relating to your site, so you have a genuine reason to give the link of your website.
describe each question and answer briefly, so it looks genuine and that you know what you are talking about or asked about.

HubPages is a website which offers it's users to make money through article writing.You have to write article and if it gets featured, it gets published and then you get some views of your article.Try to write long articles, give reference to the site's you take info from.

  • Create a Hubpages account.
  • Verify your account and after verifying fill in your account profile with genuine details.
  • Write long articles and make them look readable and beautiful, in reference give a link to your website.
There you go, have traffic- lots of it.

I Hope you have liked my Article,and if you do then share it and comment about your appreciation.


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