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How To Make Money with Infolinks Ads?

Infolinks is a brand new way for publishers to monetize their websites without the need to have free space.

Infolinks is an ad's company online which is providing solutions both to publishers and to advertisers as well.

Infolinks is a Cost per Mile ad network which means you will make money for every 1000 impressions your website will serve to the advertisers, and your daily income would be different depending on the amount the advertiser is willing to pay for 1000 impressions.The maximum cost per impression i had in my six month time of using infolinks is $1.97.

Why Cost per Mile Ad's are Better than Cost Per Click?

For the people who want to earn money with their blogs but have less traffic on their blog, as my suggestion it is the best ad network for them because their website approving system is quick and is not as hard as Google Adsense to get in.
If you have about 1000 visitors a day and you have Cost per click ads on your website it is rare that you will get 4 clicks and this will make you about 50 cents, while if you have Cost Per Mile ads than you could be earning money in cents for each and every impression served by your website.

What is the Best thing About Infolinks?

the best thing about this ad network is that it is very easy to get your site approved and the second thing is this that they have a variety of payment methods for their publishers.

Payment Methods:

  • By Check
  • By Western Union- once you Reach $100
  • By Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer 
These variety of payment methods make's it convenient for the publishers to receive payments.

How much can you earn with Infolinks?

Your daily earnings will differ depending on the impressions you made daily and the cost per thousand impressions.The more impressions and clicks your site will generate the more you will earn.If you have around 5000 visitors a day, then you would approximately serve 3000 impressions, on average this will make you earn $2-3 a day.
This much earnings are not bad for a small site.

How to get started with Infolinks?

It is very easy to set your infolinks account and then start earning within a week as it takes about a week for your site to get approved but there are more than 50% changes that it will get approved, they have policies similar to Google Adsense, so if you get approved with either one of the networks it's becomes easier to get approved.

This is how the ads will appear on your site.

  • Go to and Sign-up for a Publisher account or use your Facebook Account.
  • Once you have confirmed your account, now log-in to your account and add your site, first they will approve it and then ad serving would be started, it takes a maximum of one week to get your application processed.
  • Once approved, now get the ad code generated and then copy and paste it in your site's body.If you are using blogger platform then go to and select the blog where you want the ad to appear and then go to Layout and then go and add code using the Html/Java-script option and you will start to see words in your post highlighted and then if any body views it,you make money.

Enjoy, now start focusing on getting lots of visitors daily to your blog or website, this will help you to earn more money.
More visitors= More impressions= More $

Enjoy this legit network, best ad network for those rejected by Google Adsense.


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