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How To make money with CashCrate?

What is CashCrate?

Cash Crate is an online website where users after signing up can earn money by completing offers, surveys and cash tasks.It is a very easy way to earn lots of money, there are some offers which pay you like $50, so even if you complete one offer in a day you will be able to make lots of money.

Cash crate is a place where home makers or the un-employed people can make lots of money, the offers are simple and easy to do, takes a maximum of 20 minutes to do an offer and can give you decent amount of money.

There are thousands of companies which before launching their product want their product to be rated and to be used by people and then get their views of the products so they take advantage of sites like cashcrate and then when we complete a particular survey we are given a percentage of the money that is given to cashcrate owner to display the survey.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

How to get started With Cash Crate?

Getting started with cash crate is simple, it is like filling out any other registration form.

  • Go to and then Click on Join Now.
  • Complete the form, fill out each and every detail and give them an accurate address- they will be sending checks directly to your home address.
  • Now confirm your account by verifying the link that came in your email id.
  • Now Log-in to your account and fill out the form which asks for payment method and do the profile survey which will help you to get $0.25.

There are many ways you can make money with CashCrate, they even pay you for filling out your profile and also bonus $1 for your sign-up.

It depends upon your country of residence whether you will have the offers available in your country or not.

Most people leave cash crate because once they make their account, they log-in everyday with the intention of making some money but they are disappointed as they see no offers and no surveys available, this leads them to terminate their account.

For mostly Asian countries, no surveys and offers are available.

Cash-Crate Requirements:

There are no such tough requirements, the member needs to be age of above 13.

The Trick To Have Available Surveys:

This is a very genuine trick and will help you make more money as you will have more available surveys, more offers and hence more opportunity to make money.
  • Sign-Up at Cashcrate by clicking on the CashCrate banner above.
  • While filling out the registration form, when it asks for your country of residence Select USA, this way you will have never ending surveys and access to many surveys.
There are many online Paid surveys site, i have tried many of them but have found most of them to be scams but this site is 100% legit and completing the offers pay you the top dollars.I have used this trick myself and the results are amazing, everyday when i Sign-in i see that there are more than 100 offers and about 10 surveys each day.
When you are using this trick you must Sign-in using Hot-spot shield because only then you will be able to complete and submit surveys and then get the money for completing them.

CashCrate Payment Methods:

Once you have $20 in your account, you have the option to get paid by check, which will be delivered to your home and the other method is Dwolla, it is an online site for safer transactions and shopping like PayPal but far less compatible with shopping giant sites.

The PayPal payment method will only be available to you once you have cashed out at least $500.

How To Get Credited With money for the offer you have completed:

Once you have completed an offer, make sure that you have submitted it, then it can take anywhere from 1-5 days for your money to be credited in your account, this is a security feature they have.Each and every done offer is first approved by it's advertiser whether it was genuinely completed or was an automated spy.

Advantages of Having Referrals:

Once you have referred a member to Cash Crate, they will pay you about 20% of what he makes and 10% of what your referral's referral makes.
And you will also get a $3 bonus when your referral makes his first $10 on Cash Crate.

Are The surveys Tough or Easy:

Most of the surveys are as easy as 123, they only ask you about your address, the devices you own,your language,your culture and questions relating to your health, this way they track which survey will be suitable for you and then you are good to go, complete the easy survey and enjoy the free money.

They not only pay you for completing surveys and offers but there are also cash offers which help make more money but for that you have to spend some money as well, if a cash offer is giving $15 for the offer to be completed then it would be required that you shop for $10 and you have a profit of $5 in a single surveys, well this is a good way of earning money quickly, you get the products and you get them for 100% free and you also have profit for doing so.

If you are going to shop online for something it is better you do these cash tasks this will help you get that thing for free.

How can You Earn the most Money with Cash-Crate?

Earning more requires you the complete all types of offers and surveys available and you will also need to complete cash tasks, they make you the most money.Sign-in to your account on daily basis and complete each and every available survey's and offers.There are some offers which can pay you more than $30.

How to Prove Cash-Crate isn't a Scam?

This website has a world-wide reputation, the website has more than 2 million registered members and has paid over 3 million dollars, the website is working from the past 6 years.Scam's cant even last a year because as they are found to be scam and fraud they are instantly deleted.

Why I like CashCrate?

Cash Crate is one of those website which are sincere with their members and this website is legit.In this business of Paid surveys there are thousands of site which are fraud and will not give you the money once you have reached out their minimum payment or whenever you will log-in the money you have earned would be like $0 or reduced than it was before.


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