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How To Make Delicious Scotch Eggs?


  • Eggs- 5

  • Potatoes- 3-4

  • Salt- To Taste

  • Black Pepper- Half Tea-Spoon

  • Green Coriander- 5-6 Leaves

  • Green Chilies- 2-3

  • Lemon Juice- 2 Table-Spoon

  • Crushed Coconut- 2 Table Spoon

  • Chat Powder- 1 Tea-Spoon (Optional)

  • White Sesame- As needed

  • Cooking Oil- For Frying


  • Boil the potatoes and mash them, boil 4 eggs and peel of them and cut them in half.
  • Take some yogurt and add green coriander, green chilies and crushed coconut and then mix well, now add lemon juice and stir a bit so it will mix properly.
  • Add salt, Black pepper, chat power to the mashed potatoes. On the piece of egg apply some of the mixture of the yogurt you have made before and coat it with the boiled potatoes mixture. For 10-15 Minutes put it in refrigerator.
  • Take  two eggs, break them in a bowl and add salt and black pepper to it.
  • In a frying pan put cooking oil and let it become hot.
  • Now take the mixture out from the refrigerator and coat it in egg and then deep fry it till it changes color to golden brownish.
  • Your Delicious Scotch eggs are ready.

What's so special about these scotch eggs?

These delicious scotch eggs are made occasionally on the day of Easter and are enjoyed with a cup of tea.
When you take a bite of a scotch eggs, the boiled egg breaks in half and your mouth is filled with the delicious and hot yellow liquid from the egg.These scotch eggs can be served with tea and as well any type of sweet.


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