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How to Get Neobux Direct Referrals For Free?

What is Neobux?

Neobux is a very popular and the most successful paid-to-click site ever, and they have paid over $80 million to their users and everyday they pay more than $100,000 to their users.This proves that this paid-to-click site is not a scam and people can make money in paid-to-click sites.

Which People get successful with Neobux or any PTC site?

The key to being successful with PTC is to have thousands of direct referrals because you don't have to pay for them, no re-cycling, no funding to keep them active.They only have benefits and once you have a direct referral he is forever yours and if he is active he will keep giving you the money everyday.

Why do you need Direct Referrals?

Direct referrals are needed so that you don't have anymore problems and things to take care of like paying monthly to your rented referrals, keep an eye if they are active or not, re-cycling them or extending their them.It requires money to have rented referrals and they are gone after a month, you have to pay for them each month, to rent referrals is a good way of making money but if you 1000's of direct referrals you don' need to pay for the rented referrals you will only enjoy the forever earnings from clicks from each direct referrals.

Where can you find your referral link?

To find your referral link follow the steps:

  1. Create your neobux account by clicking on the neobux banner above.
  2. Once registered with neobux and activated your account by clicking on the link you received on your e-mail address.
  3. Log-in to your account and click all the ads that are available.
  4. Now click ads everyday for 15-30 days.
  5. Once you have been their member for almost 1 month only then you will be able to receive direct referrals.
  6. After the period of restriction click on Banners under global on the left side.
  7. And there you will find your link written.Copy it and save it on your desktop.
How To Get Direct Referrals free and the easy way:

1) Getting Referrals by Making a Blog

This is the best way of getting direct referrals for your account and boost your daily earnings.
Create a Blog by using your Gmail account at a Blog and choose a topic that will interest new people like My Success With Neobux and how you can do it.

Once you have created your blog, now start posting articles everyday about Neobux and how you can earn money with it, put on your blog all the knowledge you have about Paid-to-click sites,you can display on your blog the people who earn $1000's of profits each month and their payment and the ways they could have made so much money.

Provide people with a strategy which people can follow and make a lot of money, and display your direct referral link in each and every post.
You will obviously see many blogs which are on Getting direct referrals, why do they make those blogs?
They make them for the same purpose you do bringing in some direct referrals and boosting their daily earnings.
Every person involved in paid-to-click sites want to get direct referrals so there are thousands of blogs on that purpose.Not only create blogs on paid-to-click sites topic, make many blogs some on topic of gaming and software and you can also display your referral link on them this will help you get more referrals, with this method of getting referrals you need to work out a little and share your techniques with others, provide high quality content and a step by step guide to make this happen.Also one thing else work on search engine optimization so you will get all the people searching on paid-to-click sites so they will use your referral link to create a paid-to-click site account.

2) Participate in traffic Exchanges

This is a great way of bringing some direct referrals.

What are Traffic Exchange Sites?

These are sites which will generate your blog or direct referral link some traffic, but in order to get hits on your link you need to visit other sites they would say you to visit.This is what exchange means, you will hit their site and in return they will also give your link a hit.This way is slow but can bring some extra hope of getting direct referrals.

Traffic Exchange Sites:

These are some popular Traffic Exchanges which will help you get direct referrals.

3) Encourage Others to Create an Account on Neobux using your Referral Link

This way you can bring only a little amount of referrals but since every referral counts, you should do it.Tell the people around you like your friends, your cousins, family members, your neighbors to make money through this paid-to-click site by using your referral link and when they will do so you will earn a share from their earnings.

Advantages of Having Direct Referrals:

  • No Re-cycling Fee.
  • Will earn you money Forever.
  • You can sell them for money.
  • If they upgrade to Golden membership you will get money.
  • You will get a share of neocoins which they will earn.
  • They will easily make it possible for you to upgrade your membership.

If you wish to get direct referrals by using money, you can get them everyday and without doing any touch stuff.
Become a success and if this guide was helpful please comment below, i will appreciate you and these methods listed are worth giving a try.I am getting direct referrals through these methods so why can't you.


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