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How To Make Delicious Coconut Chocolate?

The taste of chocolate doubled by the crunchiness of coconut.This tastes like Raffaello except the taste of chocolate makes it more delicious.

When making this Coconut chocolate you have to be concerned with the amount of ingredients to add.


  • Crushed Coconut- 2 Cups

    • Condensed Milk- 2 Table-Spoon

  • Sugar- 2 Tea-Spoon

      • Egg-Whites- 12

      • Milk- 1 Table-Spoon

      • Cooking Chocolate- 2 Cups

      • Butter- 1 Table-Spoon


      1. Put Crushed coconut, condensed milk, sugar, and milk in a bowl and mix well.
      2. Now add egg-whites, and mix with the help of your finger mix it well.all ingredients should merge together.
      3. Make small and oval shapes of the batter you have just created and set aside in refrigerator for 15-20 Minutes.
      4. Put cooking chocolate into a bowl and add butter to it, now place the bowl on warm water so that chocolate can melt.
      5. Take out the small oval shapes batter from the fridge and merge it properly into the chocolate you have just melted.
      6. Its Ready to be served.


      Place the ready Coconut Chocolate in Refrigerator and when chilled pack it in silver rapper and serve to the guests.


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