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How to Get Thousands of Facebook Likes and Shares Easily?

Facebook likes and shares are a great way for other people to show that they are affectionate with you.The more likes you have, the more social media power you have in your hands and the more boost you can make to your newly emerged site or a new brand.

If you wait manually for every single like it would take you many months to get good amount of likes but if you do a little effort then you can get about 100 free Facebook likes each day and even more.Everybody wants to get Facebook likes for free, and this method will give you free likes daily without you to even pay a single penny out of your pocket.

There are many methods you can get Facebook likes but i will be listing the one's that will get you the most likes with less effort and without any money.

The Fast Method 


  1. Create a Facebook page you want to get likes and shares for,once you have created your page now copy your page web address.
  2. Now go to, signup with them- it's free.Once you have signed up, now log-in to your will get free 50 coins.
  3. Now click on Add site/Page, they will ask you Type, select Facebook Likes, next they will ask you from which country Facebook users you would like to receive likes, if from all over the world select the radio button for Worldwide.
  4. Next they will ask you the title for your Facebook page, write anything it doesn't matter at all, now below they will ask you your Facebook page URL, paste it in this column.
  5. Next they will ask you about Cost Per Click, for how much would you like to pay for each's not real money just coins.
  6. It is best to set the CPC value to 5, so you can have more likes for less money.
  7. Now you will start to receive likes on your Facebook page.
  8. With the 50 coins, you will only be able to get 10 likes.
  9. So in order to get unlimited Facebook likes go to the Facebook Likes option on the left side and then like pages as many as you can, you will be offered coins for your each like.
  10. Collect 1000 coins a day and you will be able to get 200 Likes, if you have set your CPC to 5, if above 5 then less likes.
  11. In order to get likes you have to like other pages and earn coins and then get the likes for your page.
The thing here is keep on liking other pages, and keep on getting your Page likes, it is like Facebook likes exchange program, but fulfills your dream of getting thousands of Facebook Page Likes, share and many other social media are included.

The Automated Method of Getting likes:

If you will follow this method for getting likes you will not get instant likes but it is far easier than the above method, you have to collect tokens and in return you can get likes, or shares.

  1. Go to and Register with them.
  2. Once you have created your account.
  3. Log-in with your email and password.
  4. Once in click on Post a website and you will see a down menu, click on Facebook Page.
  5. Now fill out each thing they ask you, they will ask you title, your Facebook page web-address, Facebook page description, and finally the tokens you will pay for each like, recommended is to set it to 30 tokens per like.
  6. This way you will start receiving likes, but as i told it before this method will get you likes but slowly.
  7. In order to receive likes you need to have tokens and to earn them click on Get tokens and then a down menu will appear asking which way to collect tokens, click on the option that you would like to collect tokens with, but the automated way is to click on auto-surf, so you get the tokens without doing anything.
  8. Once you have gathered 500 Tokens, you will get about 17 likes, but getting the tokens is very easy.
  9. So collect as many tokens as you can and then when you become tired, sign-out.
  10. As this way is a little slow, you will receive about 30 likes in a day.
  11. So collect more tokens in order to Get more Facebook Page likes.

I Hope that you liked this easy way of getting Facebook likes, they require effort but it's free.It hurts to get money out of pocket, so efforts are required to get likes.

Which Method Would I Choose?

I Have used both of the methods to get Likes for my Facebook Page but i am satisfied more with the addmefast site method because i got about 60 likes in just a little time, but it took me 3 days to get 40 likes out of the automated method.


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