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How to Make Money With Blogging?

Everybody now a days thinks of making money by creating blogs and then driving huge traffic and earn money through adverts and Why not, its free and in return you make money with it.Some people find this business so profitable that they quit their job and then blogging becomes their new job, which is their passion as well and they are making money with it as well.

There are lots of people blogging now a days but the one providing the quality content is on the top and i wish it would be me.

There are 100's of ways you can make money with blogging but the only trusted and ensured way that you will make money everyday will be listed here.

Most of the blogs are making their 90% of income through the ad networks which is very easy way to start earning.

1) Showing Adverts on Your Blog

This is the most authentic way the bloggers chose to make money.Simple principle goes when making money with showing advertisements on your blog, the more clicks you generate eventually the more money you will make.There are many ad networks online which have the option of showing Cost per Click Ads, Cost Per 1000 Impressions and Cost Per Action as well, what i prefer for small blogs with less traffic is to apply for Cost per 1000 impressions because if you 1000 people visiting your blog daily then only 1-2 people will click on ads and you will make like 25 cents or less depending on the niche of your blog while if you have CPM based ad network on your blog you will generate about 500 impressions and this will make you about 80 cents to $1 depending upon the Cost Per 1000 impressions..

Some networks are very tough to get in and to get in requires huge traffic, good theme of your blog and quality content on your blog,once you have all these things you will make around $5000 with advertisement on your blog.

The best and the undisputed network that has been in creation from 1998, the most beloved network by publishers is Google Adsense, every year it becomes harder to get into the program.Google Adsense pays the highest among all the networks and the ads are available in many different formats and it possibly generates more clicks than any other network as well.

If you do not get accepted into the Google adsense program then they are many others which have nice rates and they are trusted as well.
Try your luck for the Yahoo Bing ad network, apply at, to get accepted your website needs to have quality traffic mostly from USA,UK,Canada, it is most likely they will accept your site and then you can make money with them as well.

2) Selling Products For Amazon

This is one heck of a nice business, some people even sell product worth of $100,000 in a month and selling that much would make them a commission of about $10,000.This is an amazing way of earning money.If you have an article on your blog about Samsung Galaxy S4, you can show this mobile with it's accessories for sale and people make sales.Your every article needs a different product to be selling.If you have an article about laptops don't show mobile products,show relevant stuff and make sales and earn commission.They have got no such tough approval stuff, just signup at and list out the products you want to sell and get the code for them and post where you want it to appear on your blog's article and make sales and then earn commission.

3) Selling Ebook on a Popular Topic

When you visit a blogging site, there they are displaying their ebook and they want you to download it, some are for free and some on very rich and popular topic require you to pay for it, make an ebook on a topic like how to make $100,000 in a month? this will possibly attract people, but in order to make sales don't push the price too high, give it for $5-10, this way your blog will be promoted as well and you will also be able to earn extra money from your blog.

4) Ask money for your Skills

If you have a great talent in anything.Like you can snap and capture really nice and eye catching pictures, make a picture gallery on your blog and put them for sale.If you can make programs, tell it on your website or blog and attract people into getting you for the highest money, show them a demo of your skills by promoting a very nice designed website you have earlier created for your client and promote your work through your website.


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