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How To Get Five High Quality Backlinks For Free? (PR6-PR9)

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links on other sites pointing towards your site.Backlinking is a precious way to boost your site's traffic and to raise your site's Page-Rank.If you have a Backlink on Hubpages or any other High PR site then you will see that search engines will start to rank your site higher and for some keywords it can even be showed by Google on the first means, it would lead to great traffic and eventually great sales.

Why do you Need Backlinks?

Everyone on the web who is owner of a particular website is looking for high PR blog or website so he can boost his site's traffic and in the end earn more money building backlinks. Image this that before backlinking your site it showed up for a particular keyword on Google's 10 Page and the one's who had backlinked their sites appeared on the first and second page,backlinks are great way to boost your Page Rank.

I will now tell you how you can get Free Five High quality PR 5 Above Backlinks.

1) Extremetracking

What this site offers is detailed information about the visitors you get from different sources.

You can easily get a backlink from their site, just go over to their site and click on Free Tracker, now signup with them and paste the code they give you on your website's homepage and soon you will have a backlink from them and by clicking on that link you can also view your daily unique visits and by searching what keywords people came across your site, this is a multipurpose site will improve your Rank and help you optimize your Search Engine.

2) WooRank

This site helps you to get a score of your website, it gives you five tips to improve your site's Score and SEO.

Getting a Backlink from them is as easy as 1,2,3.Just go over to and put your website address on the space given and click on Website Review button within a minute they will review your website, this will create a page of your website and then you have your backlink.
Takes only 2 Minutes to create a High Quality Backlink.

3) Google Plus

What if Google Plus isn't as successful Social Media as Facebook or Twitter but it has the ability to boost your site's ranking and traffic.This isn't like you are commenting on a blog and first it will ask the author's permission to publish it or not, you will get the traffic and backlinks nobody can stop you.Create a Google Plus profile, fill each and every information accurately.Beautify your profile and their will be a field asking for your site's,there give the link of the website and you will have a backlink soon.

4) DmoZ

Now a days experts says that don't submit your site to free directories and they are right.But DmoZ has a huge repute online and each and every search engine looks for the appropriate site here, if you have your site listed to this PR 7, it will for sure boost your Google Page Rankings.
Just go over to , now select the category where your site or blog gets in and when you have found the right place to put your site in click on the top right option saying suggest your site, now fill in all the details asked for and submit,it can take anywhere from a week to 2 months to get your site listed or in same cases not get listed there.

5) HubPages

Hubpages is a very popular site where you can find information on interesting topics and they have a quality standard which they thrive to maintain.Getting a link from them is not as easy as from the above listed sites.
To get the link from them you will have to write a minimum of 10 hubs and they have to get featured, complete your profile and input your site address in the profile when they ask for it.On HubPages they have hubber-score once you are above 75, they will provide your site you have entered in the profile with a backlink. 


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