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How to Become Successful with Neobux?

Neobux is one of the best and most popular paid-to-click site.
There are many people who join Neobux and within a month they become inactive guessing without even doing hard work that i can't make money on this platform, this site is 100% legit.
I started using neobux like a year ago and within 10 days i had earned $2 which was needed to cash-out and i received the payment on my payza account.To become a huge success you need to follow a strategy.

The Strategy:

In order to earn profits with neobux you need to invest so it will take less time otherwise it will take years but you will make profits.
  1. The first thing to do for a new user is to signup on Neobux.
  2. The second thing is to click on all the available ads and earn money.
  3. Collect $3 don't withdraw your money to check whether it is a scam or not- its not a scam.
  4. Now rent 3 referrals.
  5. Once you have rented these referrals you will start to make a little extra money as you will also get money for the clicks they make.
  6. Don't only click on ads daily also do Daily mini-jobs and increase your earning by 100%.
  7. Once you have $20, now rent 50 referrals.
  8. Now you will make like 50 cents or $1 a day, check your referral clicks each day,if one referral does not clicks for more than 4 days this means he is inactive, now recycle him.
  9. Now again collect $20 and buy another 50 referrals.
  10. Now you have to collect $90 to buy the golden membership to multiply your earning by 5 times and receive more clicks per day and get credited for more clicks.
  11. Start using the money you save to advertise your referral links to different high traffic sites, this will help you get tons of direct referrals and the more you have active direct referrals the more profits and earnings you will have.
  12. Increase your rented referrals each month and when you reach about 2000 rented referrals now you will need to purchase the Ultimate membership with which you will have more features available and you will be able to rent more referrals.
  13. Your main aim should be gathering as many direct referrals as you can because they are free and you don't have to pay a penny or any hidden fees for them,They are forever yours.
Follow this guide and make money, but remember to have patience in order to earn profits.

The Investment Guide:

If you can't wait for years to become successful then invest, it will take about $700 dollars and you will make profit of about $4000 that year.

Even when you invest don't invest like buy 1000 rented referrals, you will lose them within a month and all your money would go to waste. so read below carefully the steps to invest and become successful.

  1. First of all create a neobux account 
  2. Once account registered, click on ads daily.
  3. wait for one month and after that you can start investing into referrals.
  4. Upgrade your membership to Golden, this will cost you $90.
  5. Now rent 100 referrals and keep an eye on their daily clicks and average.
  6. After one day buy another 100, and keep going on buying 100 referrals with one day gap till you reach 500 rented referrals, they will for total cost you $100
  7. Once you have 500 referrals, they will be gone after a month, the moment you have 500 referrals extend them for 240 days, this will cost about $500.
  8. So total you have invested is $690 and you will also spend some extra cash on other stuff like upgrading and others.
Your job is not done now, click on the available ads everyday in order to collect the money from your direct and rented referrals.keep an eye on clicks of your referrals everyday and recycle the one's which are inactive.


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