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How to Make Delicious Nutty Chocolate Squares

What's so Special About these Chocolate squares?

These chocolate squares are rich in chocolate, and the taste of nuts along with creamy chocolate multiplies the fun.When it is served to somebody who is fond of chocolate, who wouldn't be able to control himself and would just attack the dish and eat all those nutty chocolate squares within minutes and the other's won't even be able to taste it.I don't know much whether you would like them or not?but for me it's very delicious and creamy sweet dish.

Why Eat Chocolate?

It is said by Health Experts that eating about 1 spoon of chocolate everyday makes your heart healthy and lightens your mood and makes your skin glow.


  1. Biscuits (coarsely crushed)- 1 packet

    • Almonds, Walnuts- 250 Grams

    • Chocolate- 310 Grams

    • Golden Syrup- 140 Grams

    • Butter- 112 Grams

    • Method:

      1. Roast almonds and walnuts in oven and cut them finely.
      2. Place biscuits in a bowl and then add the roasted walnuts and almonds to it.
      3. Cook chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a saucepan until chocolate melts; allow it to cool.
      4. Add to biscuits and mix well.
      5. Grease a dish with butter;set biscuit and chocolate mixture in it and let it refrigerate at least overnight.
      6. Cut into pieces and Serve.


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