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How to Make Money Online?

Making Money online is not as easy as everybody thinks and not as tough.

Don't think that earning money online would be like you would become millionaire overnight.
Making money online is a legit thing to do but requires lots of hard work and lots of contribution. These famous sites in their early ages were just made by people as they had passion in making sites and blogs but soon they discovered their is money in doing such stuff.
Everybody now a days creates a blog or a website thinking that he would do great and make tons of cash, but they end up achieving nothing.

So lets come towards the topic that How you can actually make money online?

There are 100's of ways you can make online but in this post we are just going to talk about the Top 5 Most successful money making online methods, which will also interest and then soon make you cash and respect in the online community.

1) Freelancing

Freelancing is not something anybody can do, it is a very competitive job to do and it is necessary that you have skills. If you are an expert in a particular task then freelancing is the right way for you to earn money and become a popular freelancer.There are people who don't wanna do work themselves or are not qualified to do so what they do is hire professional people online, tell them what they have to do and then those people pay them, the tasks and their payments vary, if you would do a great job you would have lots of job available from different people and sources.You can either be an expert in using Adobe Photoshop, so you can create good site designs and you can create site Logos and people will pay you top dollars.Or you can be an expert in web development, people will hire you to make them sites and there are also Search engine optimization jobs available. Keep this in mind, you need a skill to make money in this field.

Nobody can go here like "Hey it's a place to make money- But i don't know anything".

Example Site where you can do Freelancing:

2) HubPages

Hubpages is an online website where you can post original articles and then afterwards make money.Only do this if you like writing stuff and you have great hubpages there are some writing standards you have to follow in order to make your hub's featured and in order to make money.They will only show your hub if it has quality and uniqueness,if you have copied from somewhere else and pasted there your hub won't be published as you have done a rule violation.It would show duplicate content.
The Steps to Follow in order to make money on this platform:
  1. First, create a hubpages account.
  2. Fill out your personal details, fill your profile and write your first hub, and make sure it is featured.
  3. Start writing quality hubs daily, and when you have 20 Hubs, stop writing.
  4. Once you have 20 hubs, now go to the earning section and from there apply for different earning programs they have, it is best to apply for Google Adsense and if you get approved you will start making money.
  5. Now you will start making some money here, depends upon the traffic on your hubs and the niche of your hubs.
  6. Do not quit writing new hubs, write them on daily basis on different topics.
  7. This will help you get more clicks and more clicks= more money.
Do not get hopeless if you don't get approved for Google Adsense, apply for ebay and amazon affiliate program and start displaying products for sale on your hubs relating to the topic, then whenever you will make any sales at amazon or ebay you will get paid a commission.

3) PTC

PTC means paid to click ads.This is a very famous and one of the easiest and simplest ways to earn money in the online world.What you have to do is just signup with one of the paid-to-click sites and then everyday click on the available adverts and earn money in cents for it.You are not only limited to clicking ads, they also have other ways there to earn money, you can do mini-jobs which make it very easier to reach the payout amount. When i joined the PTC sites, i didn't knew anything but soon i got to know lots of tactics to make money there,within one month of joining i had $2 and i withdraw it to make sure the site wasn't a scam and it was a legit site.In order to increase your daily earning you can rent referrals and each referrals make you money everyday for a whole month and then they are gone, you can extend their period to max of 240 days.Once you have like 8000 rented referrals you will make about $200 a day doing nothing, just clicking your own available ads. Don't just rent referrals, spend your money advertising your direct referral link and you will have direct referrals.They will help you make more money and you don't have to pay any money for them, they are forever with you,try and make as much active direct referrals as possible-and then you will become successful in paid-to-click sites.

Example site: i had tried this site and it is 100% legit, not a scam.It works, there are thousands of scams online.

If you like earning through this way, invest some money and you will make some quick money.

4) Surveys and Offers

There are tons of sites online that can help you earn money through completing surveys and offers.This is an easy way to earn lots of money online.There are premium surveys that pay you more than $10 per survey.
Surveys are very easy to complete,on average it takes about 15 minutes to complete one, in surveys you just have to choose from available list and they are based only on what you possess.They will ask you your income, your diseases and you will get paid for telling about yourself.Survey sites also provide other ways to make money- watch small clips to make money, do shopping and get money for shopping.

Example site: , i have tried both of them and they are legit, have lots of offers and surveys everyday for you to complete and earn money.

5) SocialMedia

Twitter is a social media site, it has not only one purpose of making you tweet with your friends.There are people on twitter who are making $1000's of dollars monthly by knowing the right tactics.The secret to making money with social-media sites is to to gather large followers so you have a large scale to promote your product and then easily sell it.If you have large number of followers on twitter, then simply go to and signup with them, they will make you earn revenue from the ads that will shown through your account and you will make money for every click on the ads shown by RevTwt.


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