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How to Create a Blog?

Creating a blog is not tough but keeping it updated is what takes a little bit of hardworking and strong intention.

Q) Why do You need a Blog?

Everybody now a days is creating blogs as it is free and a great time pass, and it can also become your passion as well.Some people write blog on their travel history, they share their travel experiences,how was the place they visited and the main source of attraction of that area and the sole purpose of their waste.

There are many huge companies now which first were just blogs who simple began their journey, and blogging provides a lot of experience of Search engine optimization and the ways you can capture and attract regular readers, it is tough to attain as it requires a lot of unique content and it should be knowledgeable and people should love to read it from start to end.

If any of you has a good reading ability, who can easily write long articles then he should for sure do this blogging and stuff.

I have been following some blogs lately, all of them had good traffic on them and now i have seen that after earning from their blog, they have purchased a dot com domain and now they are earning even more.

There are lots of people who do blogging for money making and even more who just do it because they like writing about themselves.

Q) What is the sole reason of Creating your Blog?

Most of us bloggers create blog because we are unemployed and we have got nothing to do so we start blogging with the sole intention of generating some money with it.We take inspiration from the people around us and the successful sites that have rocked in the world of browsing internet.

There are some people who are making 1000's of dollars in a month doing blogging, engaging their readers and making their site repute grow bigger and soon they will find themselves dug in this business in order to earn a living.

All those homemakers, most of them are busy online whether creating blogs, driving traffic and earning money or they are doing online jobs which also pay a lot.

Q) Why do most Bloggers Fail?

That's a big question here, why do people who had passion in blogging fail.

Passion becomes strong if it gives you something, a reason to have that passion.

People who start blogging don't understand that with time the blog or the site becomes popular,most of them lose hope because they want to have millions of visitors a day having just a blog for one year, there are only some blogs which became a lot popular in little time because they had an innovative idea.

So what i recommend is That Don't lose Even if you are not earning even a single penny keep on doing blogging because some day it is going to bring you respect and money.

I also became sad when i had no earnings, had too many blogs, also visitors but no money. I left blogging but soon i started seeing change in my earnings, they boosted and it kept my passion increasing and today i have more than 20 Blogs which are dedicated to different topics.

Q) Which things to Think About?

The most important thing is the topic or niche of your website.You know there are millions of blogs and all are aiming on a particular niche.You can find everything on the internet, so the niche you choose, you should be knowledgeable about that, for example: if you have chosen to create a blog about fashion and clothing, then you must know the trends and what do actors and celebs wear, you should have tons of knowledge about the topic, only then  you will be able to have traffic on your blog and be successful with it.

Once you have chosen the topic or niche of your website, the next tough thing is to get an available and relating to your site topic url. When ever i create different blogs, the toughest thing is to get an available url which is relating to the niche of my website, for example: you have created a blog on fashion and you would like your url to be so it would bring you more people and it would cover your blog but it won't be available, everybody in the world is taking advantage os this Google's free blog creating and maintaining service, so it is tough to get the URL of your Choice.

The question remains How to Create a Blog?

  1. First of all You need to create a Google account , which you will need to sign in with to create a blog.
  2. Once you have created a account, now go to and then sign in with your Google Account.
  3. Once signed in,Click on Create a blog and this will appear.
  4. Now Choose the title of your blog and then The URL and then click on any of the template you would like for your blog, you can change the template afterwards or upload your own.
  5. Now Your Blog has been setup, now go to the Address you gave while creating the blog and then you would see it, but it would be empty.
  6. Now Start Posting articles to your blog and once you have published a article, click on view blog and you would be able to see how it looks.
  7. Make your blog look beautiful and use the text bigger, so readers will easy understand.
  8. Once you Have Published At least 10 Articles now start indexing the blog into search engines, i will teach you that later.
Congratulation! Hurray you have created a blog Using the free service given by Google.


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