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How to Get Relief From ToothAche

Q) What is Toothache?

Toothache is the pain of the teeth, it pains when you eat chew something and even if you move your teeth.

Q) What causes Toothache?

There are many reasons why one person can have pain in his teeth.
The person could be having cavity between his teeth or he could be having black spots on his teeth.

The main reason people get these teeth diseases is that not even once in a year they go to a dentist, it is required that you should go to a dentist minimum of thrice in a year so he can analyze your teeth and know your disease or their condition before it becomes worse.

Causes are:

  • Too much Consumption of Alcohol.
  • Not Brushing on Regular Basis
  • Chain Smokers Suffer From this problem
  • Too much eating of sticky and greasy foods
  • Bad diet is also responsible
Q) What is Cavity?

Cavity is the hollow space between the teeth which if not examined by the time it starts can become large cavity and that point it is verse because it would require far more treatments in order to be relieved.

Q) What causes Cavity?

Cavity is caused by acids which we attain either from the food we eat or from the drinks, too much eating of sugary foods can also do that because with time the saliva in the mouth breaks down the sugar producing acid which will later be the root reason for Cavity.

Q) What are the Symptoms of Having Cavity in your Teeth?

There are a number of reasons with which one person can know he is suffering from cavity problem:

  • His teeth will become soft and he would loose them.
  • Very Bad breath when one exhales air.
  • Too much pain in the teeth.
  • Sensitivity problem- teeth will hurt when you will drink something hot and cold.
If any one is suffering from this don't think like the pain will be gone within days, its a serious problem and with time it will become more crucial and more painful so if you have even one of the symptoms listed above, book an appointment today with your dentist.

Q) What to do To get temporary Relief from the Pain?

This method is very successful, recommended by many people.

what to do:

Having pain in your teeth,take some Fenugreek, also known as Methi.

Put some Methi seeds in two glasses of water and now boil them.
After you have boiled the water, now do mouth twisters with that water and do it twice a day and the pain will be relief.


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