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How to Control the Disease Of Sugar with a Simple Trick?

Q) What is Sugar Disease?

This disease is common among people now a days, the disease is also known as Diabetes.
Sugar Disease is very harmful, a person suffering from sugar can't eat any sweets or anything containing sugar, he has to refrain from it in order to control his sugar level.
Till now the disease has got no successful cure, the disease can only be controlled by doing exercises, controlling your diet.

Q) What are the Symptoms of Sugar Disease?

Get to know about your disease before it reaches the stage where it cannot be controlled.

If you have this disease:

  • Your Weight will start to decrease dramatically.
  • Your Injuries Won't Heal quickly- as the person suffering from diabetes has very less effective white blood cells.
  • You will Have Increased Thirst.
  •  No Feeling Of any Bruises or Injuries on Your Body.
  • Have Your Blood Tested, Result will Show Whether You have the disease or not.

Sugar disease has two stages Stage I and Stage II.
A Person Suffering From Stage I sugar disease is easier to handle and the sugar level is easier to control as compared to Stage II.

Consumption of Good fats like Omega 3, found in fish and egg is helpful in controlling sugar level and Chromium is also helpful to enhance the action of insulin.


I have one Uncle in my family who is suffering from this disease, he was going on the bike towards the market and when he came back he had a very serious injury on his left foot and he could not even feel because of the sugar disease, he tastes sweets rarely, on some different occasions.
Sugar can be controlled with strong will of not even looking at the sweets around you, not only to focus on sugary things, but also consume very less fats and salt.

A person suffering from this disease should walk almost 1 hour a day and it will help him stabilize troublesome nervous system.

The Trick to Control Sugar "Very Easy to Do"

Take 2 Okras and slice them from above and below, what you need is the middle part.
Now Soak Those 2 Okras Overnight in Water and now in the morning without eating anything and without touching the Okras, pour the water in a glass and drink it, This trick is done by many people and has proved useful.
Do it Everyday and it will help control your Sugar.

For People not suffering from Sugar
it is time for you to control your thirst of consuming food rich in sugar, do not consume sugar more than 3 Spoons a day.
If we use less sugar in our daily routine, we can maintain our weight and a person who wants to loose weight has to leave sugar in order to do so.


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