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Google Adsense: How to Get Approval?

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Q) What is Google Adsense?

Google adsense is a affiliate program by Google Inc, Advertisers pay Google to advertise their business and they give this task to publishers, who show adverts on their site and get a share of what Google earns.

Q) Why it is Hard to Get Google Adsense Account Approved?

Google is a huge company and they want to satisfy their customers by giving them high quality traffic, so they ensure this by making it very hard for one to get approved, traffic does not matter a lot but the uniqueness of your site content is the king.

Q) Why Google Adsense is the best choice for Website owners?

Google adsense offers the highest Cost per Click Rates in the industry and it is legit and genuine, not a scam, Offers good ad formats and provides ads relevant to your site content.

Q) When to apply for Google Adsense?

I am telling this from my experience, first of all make sure your website content is unique, plagiarism checkers online only tell those sites which have copied whole of the text from other sites, what if one person has copied just one to two lines.
Before Applying to Google adsense make sure you have 30 Posts, each containing more than 700 words, this will not only help you getting your google adsense approved but also will help your site achieve high Page Rank, this way you will get daily unique visitors which are main source of income when it comes to google adsense.
Make sure before applying your website is 5-6 Month old, if you apply before 6 month your application will get rejected, in the email it will say insufficient content, but truth is you need to wait for the 6 month period.

One thing most publishers don't do is Read the Policies, and that's why in the end they are rejected and they remain out of the program.

If you don't have patience then you should not apply as earning money on internet requires hard work and patience.

Google Adsense Approval Tricks:

  1. Create High Quality content, do not copy from other sites, it's illegal and will get you Ban
  2. Do not Write spams.
  3. Create a Reading environment, do not put too many ads, readers will get annoyed and will soon leave your website.
  4. Obey their policies.
  5. Do not Apply if you have a pornographic site
  6. If still do not get approved, wait for the 6 month completion and you will then get approved.
I created a website which was on cooking and maintaining your kitchen, i had 90 above posts and i applied for Google adsense, i received an email from Google telling that my application was rejected as my website had insufficient content, then i stopped writing more posts, waited for 6 months, re-applied and then finally i was accepted by Google into the Adsense program.

One more thing to say never think that you will never get approved, Trying again and Again is the key to getting approved.


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